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Zhiyun Molus G60

The performance of the Zhiyun Molus G60 is nothing short of remarkable, especially considering its compact size and relatively lightweight design. This little powerhouse delivers an impressive 60W output, which translates to 2376 lux at 1 meter, providing ample illumination for various photography and videography projects.

When using the G60, one quickly realizes that a single unit is often sufficient to light up a subject beautifully, especially when paired with a dome diffuser. For vloggers and content creators, an array of four G60 lights would make an ideal lighting setup. Meanwhile, a trio of these lights can serve as a perfect solution for many enthusiast and professional photographers alike.

The ease of control is another standout feature of the G60. The adjustment dials on the back of the unit make it incredibly simple to tweak brightness and color temperature settings on the fly, while the small LCD screen offers a quick and convenient way to monitor these settings. While navigating the advanced features of the light might initially prove somewhat tricky, the soon-to-be-released Bluetooth app should streamline the process and make adjustments even more user-friendly.

Zhiyun Molus G60 Review

A key aspect that sets the G60 apart from competitors is its compatibility with light modifiers, thanks to its ZY mount. The ability to adapt the mount to Bowens further expands the range of options for shaping and controlling the light, allowing users to achieve the perfect look for their project.

The included small tilt stand is a simple yet highly effective feature that adds to the light’s versatility. By attaching a 1/4-inch to 3/8-inch adapter, the G60 can be easily mounted on a standard lighting stand for optimal positioning.

While the overall build quality of the G60 is solid, the adjustment dials on the back feel somewhat loose, which may cause concerns about their long-term durability. However, during the testing period, the dials functioned as expected and did not present any issues.

Zhiyun Molus G60 Review

The G60’s lack of an RGB option might leave some users wanting more, especially for those who are interested in utilizing color effects for video or photography. However, the light’s other features and capabilities largely make up for this minor shortcoming.

It’s worth noting that the G60 does require an external power source, either via mains or a power pack, as it does not feature an inbuilt battery. While this may be a drawback for some users, the compact design and versatile performance of the light still make it an attractive option for various lighting situations. One thing I did find with the light using PD power was that most batteries are limited with the power delivery and even when plugged into the Bluetti AC500 + B300s both of which offer USB Type-C at 100W the G60 was only able to reach 80% power however showed 60W. Plugged into the battery grip that ships with the Molus X100 I could only reach 40% power. While this may seem restrictive, when you see that 40% or 80% of power is more than most compact portable lights you realise that isn’t so much of an issue.

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