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Why the LensPen should be in your camera bag

I’ve had the original LensPen in my kit for years, so when I was given the opportunity to receive a new one and write a review on it, I figured why not. The LensPen is a part of my regular routine when I’m out photographing from the time I get out of my car to the time I get home and put my gear away.


My thoughts on the LensPen

One of the best things about LensPen (B&H | Amazon) is convenience. You can easily have one in each of your bags and also carry one in your pocket. I find that it does a really great job of getting the dust, watermarks and fingerprints (why are you touching your lens?) off my lenses which save me time in post-processing.

It’s nothing complicated and doesn’t entail any sort of cleaning liquid and that makes it both easy to use and non-messy.

Features of the LensPen

Here is a list of the features:

  • Removes fingerprints, dust and grease
  • Has a long life with 500+ uses
  • It is safe to use on all lenses
  • There are no liquids needed to make it work
  • As long as you replace the cap, it’s made to never dry out
  • The tip is concave to fit the curve of your lens
  • There is a retractable dust brush to help with light dust removal
  • LensPen can be used on a multitude of optics such as binoculars, viewfinders, scopes, filters, screens and eyepieces


How does it work you ask? I love how they explain it on their website.

Years ago many people cleaned mirrors or window panes with newspaper … why did this work so well?

  • Newspaper is covered with printing ink
  • Printing ink is made with a carbon compound
  • Carbon molecules have a unique ability to absorb huge amounts of oils and contaminants
  • The cleaning tip of LensPen is impregnated with a unique carbon compound. THE CARBON DOES THE CLEANING.


How I use the LensPen

Anytime I’m getting ready to take photographs, first I check my SD card and battery then I pull out my LensPen and clean my lens. Depending on what I’m shooting, I may grab the LensPen several times throughout the shoot, especially if I’m out in nature, hiking or photographing cyclocross races. Plenty of dust and dirt is kicked up during races so having my LensPen in my pocket is essential to keeping the dust off my lens.

When I get home I make sure to clean my lens again before I put my gear away, that way it’s ready to go if I need to grab my camera for a quick shot of the wildlife that happens to parade through my backyard. I still use it again even if my lens is clean when I put it away, each time I go out I clean my lens. Dust can still collect even with a lens cap on in your bag.


The LensPen is just under 4-1/2 inches in length. The round cleaning tip measure approximately 12mm in diameter and it contains a nonliquid carbon cleaning compound.

LensPenFinal thoughts

For the money, I don’t think you can find a better option for cleaning your lenses. Sure, lens clothes work but I find they tend to still leave a bit of lint behind. LensPen is very easy to use, easy to carry and for $10 a great investment in helping you protect your more expensive investments, your lenses.


Each LensPen is specifically designed for various optics.

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