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What makes you who you are? Guest Post: Kevin Dooley

by Skip Cohen

Up until IUSA, I only knew Kevin Dooley a little. However, we share a lot of mutual friends, attend the same conventions, and we’ve been saying “Hi” in passing for a long time. We caught up in Nashville, and I’ve been following him on Facebook.

Our growing friendship is a perfect example of why you need to attend every conference/convention you can. It’s all about meeting new people, building a stronger network, and getting to know other photographers better. IUSA next year is in Louisville, January 28-30, 2024. Put it on your calendar, and then make it a point not to let anything get in the way.

I wanted to share Kevin’s post for two reasons – First, it drew me in. For years I remember my good buddy Don Blair talking about capturing emotion in portraiture – and it didn’t mean each subject had to be looking straight down the lens barrel! The same applies to critters, like this mother/child shot of Kevin’s from South Africa.

Meanwhile, while Kevin’s images are stunning, ​what he shares with each one is just as unique. ​So to Kevin’s point in his post – think about everybody and everything that’s made you who you are today. It’s an incredible group of people and experiences, and each has contributed.

Alfred Lord Tennyson wrote in Ulysses, “I am a part of all that I have met.” The reverse is just as true.

by Kevin Dooley

I certainly have my times when I look to the heavens above with no way to hide the questions of my being who I am. If only I had less sensitivity, would I be able to float through life with a much calmer and happier heart. If only my skin was as thick as leather and even the harshest of unkind words could never leave even a scratch. If water rolled off my brow and I never spent another moment wondering if people like me. Imagine how much easer life would be.

Yet I also ask myself if I were a bit more harsh, a bit more of who cares, that’s not my problem, would I see what I see in the world with the same understanding? Does goodness, expression, love, kindness, and caring come from being aware of the other ends of the world? When I look for a photograph, I look for my experiences, my feelings, my expression. So I suppose all that we are made of has its goods and its difficulties. Ever ask yourself what makes you who you are?

Note: Kevin and Tricia Dooley own IDUBE Photo Safaris. If you’re looking for an incredible adventure, check out their website and follow Kevin on Facebook.

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