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What Makes a Great Workshop/Adventure?

by Skip Cohen

We’ve all been to various kinds of workshops over the years, some great, others average, and then there are those programs that could put a rock to sleep.

Here are three coming up in 2024 that will fill up fast, but it’s all because they’re great programs. So, what makes a great program, and why would I suggest you put these on the very top of your bucket list?

  • A Great Guide/Instructor: Moose Peterson is legendary, in part because of his skill set but also his passion for the craft. You’re not just going for the adventure, but what you can learn and capture that becomes memory-making.
  • Small Groups: Moose keeps his groups small, which adds to the experience. Bolivar Beach is only open to four shooters, while Grand Isle and Cape Hatteras are each five. Whatever the subject matter, the smaller the group, the more you will experience.
  • Subject Matter: Obviously, if you’re a wedding photographer, there’s no connection to the bird world, but for those of you who are outdoor/wildlife enthusiasts, here’s an opportunity to be in areas that are unique with a guide who knows his stuff.
  • Values: This is a little harder to describe, but you always want a guide/instructor to have great values, not just a passion for the craft but life. Here’s a great example, Moose and his wife Karen have been married for forty-two years, yet, read every description of his programs above, and you’ll see him suggest you call his “beautiful bride” to register. 
  • Setting the Standard: Anybody can put together an itinerary for a program, workshop, or adventure, but Moose and Karen go beyond that – you want a program that exceeds expectations, put together by people who know the area and understand your mindset for capturing great images.

Last but not least – a photographic adventure with Moose will always be fun. “FUN” – that’s one of those words too often lost today. It’s buried underneath the stress of business. 

These programs will fill up fast. If you’re interested, click on the banner above for more information and get yourself signed up.

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