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What Apps Are We Using This Month? with Jennifer Dimock

Welcome to TheAppWhisperer’s new section, “What apps are we using this month” series, where we discover which apps you are particularly enjoying. Kicking us off today is non-other than notable Mobile Artist Jennifer Dimock – @jennifer.dimock.

Many thanks to Joanne for inviting me to participate in the “what apps we’re Using” series.  My name is Jennifer Dimock and I live in Maine, US.  Two generations of my family own and operate a commercial apple orchard.  Because I work most days, my photography is largely taken somewhere on our 250 acres of apple trees, woods, and fields.  When I crave urban photography, the closest I usually get is the main street in our town of 5000 people.

My images are all taken with iPhone 12 pro and any editing I do is generally done on the phone as well.  My iPad works well for edits that are more delicate.

My orchard photography began as a way to communicate with customers about what was happening on our farm through Facebook.  As I began to take more photos that I loved but were not necessarily farm-related, I decided to create a personal Instagram page in January 2022.  Since that time, I have met so many wonderful artists and continue to learn.

All of my edits start in Snapseed.  I find this app remarkable and I am still learning how powerful it is.  Often it is the only app I use.

I also enjoy experimenting with Slow Shutter Cam for intentional camera blur and some light trails.  I have used Carbon for black and white filters and am just starting to explore the app for textures and light leaks.  I use Touch/Retouch to remove distractions.

‘Winter Woods’ ©Jennifer Dimock
River Trees started as a simple reflection shot, but I often try to see my images in a different way. The first Snapseed edit I did was a simple 90-degree rotation and I liked how the trees along the river formed what appeared to be a large tree. I then cropped to assure some symmetry and filtered the image to black and white with a blue cast ©Jennifer Dimock
Fireflies at Sunset was one of my first attempts with Light Trails in Slow Shutter Cam. I liked how using the bulb option allowed a very long exposure and gave me a painterly shot. The only other edit was an Instagram filter that slightly enhanced the colours. ©Jennifer Dimock
Sugar House began as a sunset image with a lot of colour. I wanted to highlight the colour reflected in the windows and used the Color Splash app to make that happen. In Snapseed I adjusted the tonal contrast to give a bit more depth and applied a vintage filter. ©Jennifer Dimock
With Rose, I wanted to focus on the centre of the flower. In Snapseed I cropped to a tighter shot, tuned for colour and added a vintage filter. Later I decided I wanted more texture and mood, so I layered on some grunge. ©Jennifer Dimock

I have very much enjoyed reading articles on TheAppWhisperer about apps that artists are using and I look forward to experimenting more!  Many thanks to all who have shared their work.

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