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What Apps Are We Using This Month? with Fleur Schim – TheAppWhisperer

Welcome to TheAppWhisperer’s new section, “what apps are we using this month” series, where we discover which apps you are particularly enjoying. Kicking us off is non-other than Award Winning Mobile Photographer, Fleur Schim.

I am Fleur Schim,from Leucadia, California. I use an iPhone Pro 14, and edit all my images on an iPad Pro. I am celebrating my 50th wedding anniversary this year to my husband, Jack Schim. We both travel together, and I am fortunate when I’m able to capture him in my images. He is actually featured in three of the included artworks.

Joanne Carter invited me to respond to several prompts regarding my current editing app preferences:

‘By the light of the silvery moon’ ©Fleur Schim


I use a variety of editing apps as I create composite imagery. I always use SNAPSEED, and this month, I used its ‘double exposure’ feature for the image “All the world is a stage”. I also used a filter in SKYLAB, for the grey tones and added a sun feature. I like SKYLAB for its layers with skies, elements and filters. Sometimes I will go to the app for its filters, only. The sun element in all of these images is from SKYLAB.

I regularly use ICOLORAMA. I used it for the painterly effect (Van Gogh swirls) in both “And the sea” and “Blue Hour” Additionally, I used DISTRESSED FX in both images for sky features. I also very much like a feature in ICOLORAMA : ‘effects’—‘raise’, which intensifies textures.


‘Blue Hour’ ©Fleur Schim


HUMANS is a wonderful app when you need a character (and my husband is not available), to help define and strengthen your image. I successfully employed this in my composite “By the light of the silvery moon“, where I also layered in a moon and filters from SKYLAB, and textures from DISTRESSED FX.


I am a regular fan of DISTRESSED FX. I frequently use its texture and cloud filters. In the image ‘Before Sunset’, I enhanced the image with its cloud filter. I used SKYLAB —sun element and SNAPSEEDbrush’ feature to dodge/burn and enhance. 

‘Before Sunset’ ©Fleur Schim

In addition to the apps that I have previously mentioned, I also like COLOR THIEF, which gives a plethora of color and tone options that are stolen from images in your photo stream.

IMAGE BLENDER is in regular rotation for much of my work. I am often going back-and-forth with different apps and seeing how they mash up in Image Blender.

SIMPLY WATER is my favorite watercolor app. I often image blend my creations with an iColorama watercolor version.

I have a lot of fun with DIANA, when I am looking for random or purposeful double exposures.

HIPSTAMATIC is fun to use for editing images. It has cool filters that can elevate an image from ordinary to extraordinary


‘All the world is a stage’ ©Fleur Schim

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