Almost a year ago, DJI launched their prosumer Mavic 3 series drone. It boasts a dual camera 20MP, Four Thirds CMOS sensor + 12MP 1/2″ CMOS sensor, up to 46 minutes battery life, and a sturdy build. The drone manufacturer, in partnership with 8KRAW FILMS, launched one from the Summit of Mount Everest – the highest point on Earth.

The video opens with climbers and the flight team scaling snow-covered peaks. One is shown crossing between two using ladders as a bridge between each point. The Mavic 3 is flying at the same height as the clouds at some intervals, in close proximity to numerous glaciers, and reaches a peak altitude of 9,232.86 meters at one point. It also gives you the angles and vantage points that are only capable with a drone.

Besides operating in thin air, or a density that is 1/4 of that at sea level, as one commenter pointed out, the Mavic 3 also performed in temperatures that were well below the standard of -10º C. As the user manual points out, the 5000mAH LiPo Intelligent Flight batteries do not meet ‘the standard operating temperature for military grade application (-55° to 125° C), which is required to endure greater environmental variability.’ One has to wonder if DJI created special batteries for this mission.

This is quite an impressive feat for a consumer-grade drone that starts at a little over $2,000 USD. To view more videos created with DJI products, check out the company’s official YouTube channel.