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Two Trips for Your Bucket List!


Images copyright Shiv Verma. All rights reserved.

by Skip Cohen

Here are two 2023 workshop/photo tours that should be on your bucket list…hanging out with Shiv Verma in Tanzania or Namibia!

I’m sharing this post as more of a public service announcement (LOL) because there are only two spots open in Tanzania and four in Namibia. They’ll all be gone within the next few days. It’s an incredible opportunity for an experience of a lifetime.

But it’s not just the wildlife or the beauty of the two locations, but doing a tour like this with Shiv. Shiv and I have worked together on so many different projects and events. Every time I’ve learned a little more about imaging. He’s an outstanding artist, educator, and tour guide!

Click on any image in today’s post to link to Shiv’s tour/workshop schedule. Both trips currently open are in September, and I can guarantee they’ll be more than just memorable! 

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