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Throwback Thursday – Turning Back the Clock Twenty Years

by Skip Cohen

This is a throwback of a throwback.  I shared the image in a post seven years ago, but after catching up to the “kid” above just a few days ago, there’s a point I want to make.

It’s one of my favorite photographs of my good buddy Tony Corbell.  I know it was captured at least twenty years ago on a roller coaster somewhere on the planet.  I think it was Hasselblad’s Jim Morton who got the shot.  I had completely forgotten about it until I was looking through some old PowerPoint presentations.  It  was my opening slide in a presentation I did at Hallmark Institute in 2004.

The fun of Throwback Thursday is how great photographs bring back memories.  They make us smile and often relive great moments from the past.  This one is a kick because Tony and I have been friends for over thirty years, and many of my favorite stories include Tony.

But there’s one more thing about the image and my buddy – his love for life, friends, the craft, and our industry are timeless.  The expression on his face above and the pure joy it depicts was no different than when Sheila and I caught up to him at IUSA four days ago.  There is no expiration date on Tony’s love for life!

It’s Throwback Thursday – take the time and go on the hunt for a few images of your own.  You’ll never be disappointed in the appreciation people have for every click of the shutter.  As photographers, you’re magicians.  You give people the ability to take intangible moments and turn them into tangible memories they can hold and cherish forever!

​Happy Throwback Thursday

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