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Throwback Thursday: Ten Years Ago Today in Photo!


by Skip Cohen

Near the end of 2012, my good buddy Scott Bourne asked me a simple question, “What do you think you could accomplish if you were working on just one thing?” At the time, I was working on two different blogs, writing for two magazines, speaking at a convention or two each year, consulting for one large client, and running Skip’s Summer School. So I was spread pretty thin, especially when it came to writing.

My first blog, the Photo Resource Hub, was doing okay but needed more traction. It morphed into Skip’s Photo Network, although I hadn’t done a very good job promoting it. But at a time when blogging was the next big thing – I at least had a presence.


I took Scott’s question to heart and started thinking about consolidating everything I was writing. I wanted to give it a generic title, but Scott argued, “Through most of your career, you’ve been known for your support of education – It needs to have your name on it!” was born with the first post ten years ago today, on January 19, 2013.

But Scott’s encouragement didn’t end there: “Just trust me before you publish your first post!” He wouldn’t reveal his game plan, but a week or so later, I was blown away by his approach.

​He published one single tweet to his then 100,000 followers, “Skip Cohen is back!” The response was remarkable, even filled with a bit of humor here and there. I remember one friend, I think it was Scott Kelby, tweeting in reply, “Where’s he been? I just talked to him yesterday.”

Well, here I am ten years later, with thousands of original posts, guest posts, videos, and podcasts. After four summer programs, we ran one last Skip’s Summer School in 2013 in Chicago. We decided to discontinue it only because there was so much going on in education at that point, and it had become so labor-intensive.

But through all of these years, I never anticipated the support from all of you and the community. It’s thanks to all of you that I wake up every morning smiling. It’s a ten-year celebration in business, but more important is the gratitude I feel for so many people who have played a role. From sponsors to guest writers to so many friends in the industry and at the various associations to my muse, my wife Sheila – I could never have done it alone!

Whether “It takes a village” or “I get by with a little help from my friends,” no matter how you cut it, my last ten years have all been thanks to all of you!

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