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The Synonym for Muse is Inspiration

WARNING: This will get sappy – read at your own risk!

by Skip Cohen

I ALWAYS jump the marketing/business track on Sunday mornings, but today is a special jump. It’s my wife Sheila’s Birthday, and while she’d prefer not to discuss it, if a guy can’t wish his best buddy “Happy Birthday” on his own blog, what’s the world coming to? 

The fun part of this is that so many of you have met her at conventions, worked with her on different projects, and photographed the two of us in several of the images above. Over the years, we’ve laughed about getting out to dinner with associates and friends at various events because everyone always wants to sit next to Sheila.

We may have met in second grade but were never friends – we just ran in different circles. However, the friendship kicked off after a 40th high school reunion, and here we are today on a “do-over” that’s made laughing, loving, and living a non-stop priority.

Being a full-time muse is no easy job when you’re married to a knucklehead like me. Yet, over and again, while it’s her heart I love the most, her business head always pushes me to think outside the box. “Inspiration” is a synonym for “muse,” and it’s so true.

So, Happy Birthday to my best bud! And while you might not want to recognize you’re a year older, you keep getting better! When I started pulling photos to build that collage, each brought back many great memories. And with the four of us (the pups, Lucy and Belle), we’re just going to keep making more. Thank you for always believing in me and being my muse – where would I be without you?

And to all of you, thanks for staying with me this morning, but be thankful I don’t break out into an old Righteous Brothers song…

You’re my soul and my heart’s inspiration
You’re all I got to get me by

Happy Sunday everybody…make it a day filled with memories to savor! Spend it with somebody special and remember to let them know how much you appreciate them. Make it a day without baggage – don’t let anything get in the way of sharing time with the people you love the most!

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