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The Fun of Throwback Thursday


Click on the image above to hear the short podcast about the BTS on this image.

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by Skip Cohen

The fun of Throwback Thursday, for me, is in the hunt. So as I started my search this morning, I looked back through the SCU archives. While the image only goes back to 2017, it represents so many different aspects of memory-making photographs.

First, the image itself is one of my favorite macro shots by the mad scientist himself, Don Komarechka. Second, the image was captured very early on in our friendship. He lives in Bulgaria today, but that doesn’t keep us from a phone call every few weeks. Third, Don’s part of the Platypod team, which I joined in 2019. As one of the company’s most recognized ambassadors, he’s regularly pushing the edge of the creative envelope to see what else he can do with Platypod gear.

The image above was featured in a series I did for several years called “Why?” Click on the ant to listen to the short podcast as Don explains his technique. And if you’re interested in macro work, I believe his book, The Universe at Our Feet, is the finest resource guide for macro/closeup work in imaging.

Regardless of how far back you choose to dig – photographs and videos from the past create a never-ending flow of memories. They remind us how important imaging is to our lives and the world. However, you don’t have to dig very deep or spend a lot of time searching for old images to appreciate the career path most of us have chosen.

Happy Throwback Thursday!

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