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Sunday Morning Reflections: Jumpstarting Your Day

by Skip Cohen

It’s Sunday, and I’m about to jump the track from marketing and business. For those of you who know me well, I’m hardly the type you’d picture reading a little meditation every morning, but Sheila brought it into my life, and it’s become a permanent habit.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve discovered that if I give my mind and heart a little jumpstart every morning, my day kicks off with more energy. Here’s the routine in place that I’ve grown to love: We have breakfast every morning together, and then we’ve each got a different meditation book, with 365 thoughts to start your day, and we read them out loud.  They’re motivational, covering just about everything. Not all are relevant, but they all get us thinking about things in our lives as a couple and individually.

Here’s one that hit home the other day:

When a misunderstanding occurs, respond in love. Love heals. Communicate from the heart with loving intent. Don’t worry about the other person’s response–just give love. Do your best not to take things personally, knowing that everyone is fighting their own battles inside. Healing occurs where love resides. To live from your whole heart means to soften your emotions and let compassion and love fill the spaces where negative emotions tend to grow. Be vulnerable, open, and loving.*

Yes, it’s hokey, but it was so on point. It’s different from how I often react, but it is how I want to learn to respond. Whatever we’re reading isn’t always relevant, but it is noteworthy and, at the very least, has helped us in our relationship with each other.

Here’s my point – I’m not asking you to subscribe to how we try and live our lives, but find something to help you get started each morning. Find something to read that hits home and enables you to focus on what’s really important in your life. You don’t have to do it alone, especially when there are so many authors writing material to help us elevate the quality of our lives.

Wishing you a day ahead loaded with inspiration and nothing but positive energy. If you need to be a little sappy, go for it. Like the author wrote above – just give love. And while I know it makes me sound like a love child hippie from the 60s, we could use a little more love with the way the world is today!

​Happy Sunday…or Monday on the other side of the world.

*Sunrise Gratitude by Emily Silva

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