Sony a7R V Release Date: Long-Awaited Camera to Be Unveiled on October 26th

Release Date: The Sony a7R V will debut on October 26th

It’s coming.

The Sony a7R V, successor to the hugely popular Sony a7R IV, will be announced in late October, according to Sony Alpha Rumors.

SAR references “a reliable source” that specified both the date and time of the announcement: “October 26th, around 3 PM London time.”

It’s been over three years since the launch of the Sony a7R IV, which was – and still is – an outstanding camera thanks to an incredible 61 MP full-frame sensor, impressive dynamic range and low-light performance, plus surprisingly capable autofocus and continuous shooting

The a7R IV appeals primarily to landscape and commercial photographers, for whom its class-leading resolution satisfies a need for huge prints, significant crops, and beautiful detail. Yet the a7R IV’s capable features also attract other professionals and even hobbyists, including wedding photographers and more generalist shooters, who appreciate the excellent combination of image quality, AF speed, and ergonomics.

So what can we expect from the a7R V? 

Sony Alpha Rumors claims to have “no reliable info about the specs,” but the website creator does have a few guesses, such as 8K/30p video (a significant upgrade over the a7R IV’s 4K/30p recording), a better menu, and upgraded ergonomics.

Back in May, Photo Rumors released a list of a7R V specs, which includes a class-leading 9.44M-dot electronic viewfinder (to match the EVF in the a7S III), 8K/30p recording, an upgraded AF system, and a “redeveloped image sensor with approximately 61 million effective pixels.” On the other hand, several (unreliable) SAR sources have promised an 86 MP or even a “mid 90” MP sensor, but given Sony Alpha Rumors’s lack of confidence, it’s best to be skeptical, at least for now.

If the a7R V did boast an 85+ MP sensor, it would be the highest-megapixel full-frame camera, mirrorless or otherwise, of all time. Yet at present, the 61 MP a7R IV already holds that title – albeit alongside the Sigma fp L – so it’s worth asking: How interested is Sony in surpassing its own vaunted technology? 

Personally, I could see Sony making the leap. Sure, the Sony a7R IV might already lead the pack, but competitors will take advantage of every opportunity to outperform Sony; in fact, a recent rumor suggests that the Canon EOS R1 will leapfrog the a7R IV to become the “new resolution king.” In other words, Sony will need to keep pushing with the a7R V – or risk being outclassed by Canon or Nikon.

Now over to you:

What do you think the Sony a7R V will offer? What do you hope the A7R V will offer? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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