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Slideshows and Spring Seasonality

by Skip Cohen

So often, you get tired of some of the best ideas to offer your target audience. You need to remember how many people have never received them as a gift. A great example is slideshows for your clients. 

Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are right around the corner. In a way, they mark the start of Spring seasonality in professional photography, especially if you’re a family artist. Slideshows are the ideal product to have in your mix of client offerings. 

Photodex closed its doors several years ago, but the value of the ideas they shared over the years still remains. And they’re all still out there for your viewing in the Photodex archives on YouTube.

Check out the two videos below from their archives. Being a successful photographer is all about exceeding client expectations. I can’t imagine any client not being ecstatic to have a presentation like these loaded with your professional quality images.

Don’t let 2023 go by without adding slideshows to your list of products and services. With today’s technology, you can combine short video clips with still images and great music to create a never-ending stream of “show-stoppers” for your clients. 

Think about the renewed sense of family in the world today. It came about at an incredible price as everyone hunkered down through the pandemic. And even though things today are far better than they were last year, there are still challenges in travel and often families being together. Now, think about what Grandma has missed the most…her family.  

If the idea is old school for you because you’ve been doing it all along, then use the slideshow concept to help you plant a few idea seeds with your audience for this year’s Mother’s Day and Father’s Day offerings. Add in a legacy program offering videos of the most senior family members telling their stories, and you’ve got a great way to start getting clients excited about working with you.

You snooze – you lose! Take the time now and start creating a game plan to capture more sales this spring and make the 2023 busy season begin with the explosion it deserves.

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