ShiftCam’s LensUltra Smartphone Lenses Promise Unmatched Clarity

ShiftCam LensUltra

ShiftCam’s LensUltra smartphone lenses are the world’s first to be crafted with fluorite, which the company says provides photographers with “unmatched clarity” and “enhanced bokeh.”

Using fluorite in camera lenses is not a new idea. Fluorite is a naturally occurring crystal that has special properties that make it especially suitable for use in the manufacturing of lenses. As such, the major brands that produce standalone optics have used it for years.

ShiftCam LensUltra

“Fluorite enhances image quality by reducing color fringing and improving color accuracy,” ShiftCam, the company that produced the ProGrip, says. “Its unique optical properties make it ideal for camera lenses, resulting in sharper, clearer, and more precise images.

ShiftCam LensUltra

But while the use of fluorite is common in full-size lenses designed for standalone cameras, ShiftCam says that it has not been used in lenses designed for mobile photography — until now.

ShiftCam says it has created a series of lenses — for both photography and video use — that are designed with the finest materials and high-end optical techniques typically reserved for full-size lenses.

“At ShiftCam, we are dedicated to enabling the creation of cherished memories. Our mission since early 2017 has been to revolutionize mobile photography by developing compact, comprehensive, and convenient tools that enhance the quality of mobile shooting,” the company says.

ShiftCam LensUltra

“We seek to create a seamless transition between the mobile phone and professional camera experience, enabling users to effortlessly capture high-quality images. Our products are designed with a passion for adding value to professionals and empowering amateurs to tell their unique stories. We believe that everyone has a story to share with the world, and we provide the tools to do just that.”

ShiftCam LensUltra

The basic premise of the lenses is to provide mobile photographers a way to get around the limitations of shooting with just the optics that come included with a smartphone. Instead of relying on computational effects that often sacrifice clarity, ShiftCam says its LensUltra can turn a smartphone into a capture device that significantly improves image quality.

The LensUltra collection encompasses seven total optics: a 60mm telephoto, a 75mm “long range” macro, a 16mm wide angle, a 10x traditional macro, a 200-degree fisheye, and two anamorphic lenses for video use: a 1.33x cinematic wide and a 1.55x super-wide.

ShiftCam LensUltra

All the lenses mount to a smartphone using ShiftCam’s Universal Lens Mount or Camera Case. The company says that the lenses are compatible with most phones using the Universal Lens Mount while the case fits iPhone models ranging from the 11 series through the 14 series as well as the Samsung Galaxy S23. The case also promises to deliver two meters of drop protection.

The LensUltra collection also includes two filters: a variable neutral density and a circular polarizer.

The LensUltra is available to back on Kickstarter starting at $119 for one photography lens and as much as $850 for the full set of lenses and filters.

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