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Review: Joby Wavo Air Wireless Microphone Kit

Working with wireless microphones when creating videos is a blessing. I’ve been working with 18 foot corded Audio-Technica lavaliere microphones. I gotta tell you, more than once it has tripped me up. If you are on a tight budget or don’t do much video it works OK. When it is time to upgrade you might give the Joby Wavo Air a good look.

The Wavo Air is a dual wireless microphone and transmitter/receiver system with lots of versatility.

joby wavo air kit
In addition to two transmitters with microphones and a receiver you get charging cords and many ways to work with your kit.


  • Two built-in microphones with multiple ways attach
  • Includes two lavaliere microphones
  • Long range broadcasting
  • Multiple connectors TRRS for phone and TRS for camera
  • Solid sound with all configurations
  • Instant pairing — ready to use out of the box


  • Slide for camera hot shoe fitting is only light friction fit
  • Price
  • A minor note — Not a fan of the red color band on the transmitters

Joby Wavo Air Wireless Microphone Kit — Technical Specifications

Transducer — Condenser electret

Polar Pattern — Omnidirectional

Frequency Response 50 Hz — 18kHz

Sensitivity Mic/lavaliere mic: -39+/-2dB

Signal to Noise Ratio — >78 dB

Maximum SPL — Mic/lavaliere mic:120dB/ 110dB

Battery life — 6H continuous use

Power source — Li-ion Polymer Battery

Transmission Type — 2.4 GHz

Operating Range — 50m

Info from Amazon

Joby Wavo Air Wireless Microphone Kit — Ergonomics and build quality

When I first opened the box I was, “Oh man, this is pretty cheap plastic.” I was wrong. Working with the various clips and attachment methods I was impressed with how easy it was to change the way to attach the gear. I’m not certain of the actual material but it feels strong. I also remembered the abuse I put my Joby Gorrilla pods through over the years and these are made of the same plastic. So no worries there!

bob coates with Joby Wavo Air product
Wavo Air set up to record on iPhone using wireless mic and receiver mounted on a Joby Gorrilla Pod.

Joby Wavo Air Wireless Microphone Kit — In the field

I’d seen/heard of people complaining about the range and dropped signals when the transmitter was not facing the receiver or out of line of sight. So I went for a walk into the next room with a wall between me and the transmitter in addition to my body. No problem. Kept going down the hall into the next room and still transmitting fine.

Next stop, outside and some real distance. After a hike across the street about 150 feet away, no disconnects, whether the transmitter was facing the receiver, blocked by my body or facing away from the receiver and blocked by my body.

When it is time to charge the long-lasting gear there are three cords included, so all can be charged at the same time.

Sound quality

The sound from the lavaliere mic and the built in microphone both sounded great. Outdoors, the built in mic with the dead cat attached kept the wind at bay. Using both microphones interview style, the sound mixed well. Both microphones have their own level control.

Sound into the iPhone was strong as well beating out the built in microphone as far as quality goes.

lightening connector for iPhone and headphones
Note when ordering if you need a lightning headphone connector to plug into your iPhone that you either order direct from Apple or ensure that it is a TRRS connector or the microphone will not work.

Since this is a microphone review I also made an open box and working video review which I’ll share soon.

Yours in Creative Photography, Bob

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