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Platypod Tips and Tricks with Dave DeBaremaeker


Images copyright Dave DeBaeremaeker – click on any image to visit Dave’s website and check out the original images.

by Skip Cohen

‚ÄčAs I’ve written so many times before, the fun of this industry is in the friendships that come from everyone’s love for the craft. Meet Dave DeBaremaeker. Although we had talked on the phone a few times over the last couple of years, we finally met in person a few months back when he joined me on Scott Kelby’s show, The Grid. It was a kick!

Dave’s passion for photography is all about toys, but as I watched this recent video on his YouTube channel, I realized how many of his applications work in other specialties. From rings and detail shots at weddings to closeups and macro images of flowers at home through the winter months – the common denominator is the gear behind the scene.

Obviously, wearing the hat of CMO for Platypod, I love this video, but it goes beyond toys. So many of you have a diverse collection of demands on your skill set. You need to be prepared for different challenges, and Platypod is often about solutions and gaining a new perspective.

Click on any Platypod Pro below to check out the rest of the “family.” There’s an incredible variety of images being captured with Platypod as part of the gear to get the shot! And you’ll notice Dave is in the third row down in the photos below. The “family” on our website includes forty-four artists shooting virtually everything from macro to landscape to toys, food, portraits, real estate, night skies, and the list goes on and on.

Dave needs to be on your radar. You’ll find more of his work on his website and check out his YouTube page too!

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