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Photography – The Great Equalizer

Intro by Skip Cohen

I posted the short post below a few years back. It was written by my good buddy, Scott Bourne, and initially, it was one of the first posts when we launched the SCU blog. What l love about his posts over the years is there’s rarely any spoilage. They’re not like a carton of milk with an expiration date!  

But along with the wisdom in the post below, he once referred to photography as the “great equalizer.” It doesn’t matter who you are, your gender, race, financial status, or where you’re from – your images are judged on their own merit. 

As you start ramping up for spring seasonality, are your images the very best they can be? Every client deserves the best you can capture. The only way you get to that level is never to stop learning, experimenting, and keep taking those photographic leaps, Scott refers to! 

PS: Since I’m betting many of you don’t know who Garry Winogrand was, enjoy the article from 2011. Again, there’s no expiration date on inspiration!

by Scott Bourne

The great and prolific photographer Garry Winogrand used to say you should be risking failure every time you raise your camera to your eye. By that he meant if the scene looks familiar to you, you’ve probably already taken a similar photograph, so try something new. It may not work, but when it does it can take you to the next level. I find that I have to push myself all the time because I lapse into familiar habits: shooting from eye level, same lens to subject distance or comfort zone, don’t move around enough or shoot enough variety.

We have no excuse for not taking photographic chances with digital, it doesn’t cost extra and there’s nothing to lose and extraordinary pictures to gain. So take a look at your stuff, if you’re seeing a lack of variety and similar photographs, grab your camera and take a photographic leap….

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