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Photography inspiration: Five female photographers to follow

Since today is International Women’s Day, I’d like to take the opportunity to put the spotlight on some of the most remarkable female photographers that have inspired me through the years. I have been fortunate to discover the works of such talented and creative artists, and be able to write about them here on Photofocus.

Special day or otherwise, I’m all for the “women supporting women” movement. To my fellow female photographers, I hope you’re proud of the work you do. I hope you can see how you’ve become an inspiration to other creative minds and individuals who appreciate your craft. Don’t forget to take the time to celebrate your wins, and keep sharing your unique perspective to the rest of the world!

To celebrate the occasion in our own way, please join me in revisiting some of the features that showcase some of the brilliant female photographers that are worth the follow.

I’ve always been fascinated with the genre-bending photography of Slovakia-based Maria Svarbova. Her fashion photography is often infused with clever concepts and punctuated with eye-catching splashes of color. So, if you’re interested in shooting either fashion portraits or crafting editorial concepts, I’m sure her vibrant approaches will greatly inspire you.

Conceptual photography is another of my passions, so I am always in awe with photographers like Boston-based Karen Jerzyk. I find her conceptual portraits, like her “Last Days of Earth” and “The Last of Us” series, to be hypnotic demonstrations of her mastery of the genre. From the concept itself to the props, wardrobe and locations, each project is a gripping visual treat!

Fantasy photography has opened many magical make-believe worlds and fascinating characters to the most imaginative photographers. Philadelphia-based Liza Roberts is definitely among them, with her beautifully crafted sets and stories. I love how she is able to create a fantasy scene with perfectly curated wardrobe and props, fitting locations and collaborative spirit. If you want to bring your own visual tales to life, you can take some cues from her impressive work!

It may be difficult to take selfies seriously due to social media. But occasionally, we discover self-portraits that go beyond the Instagrammable — and even the self. The “Reflection” series of Shanghai-based Ziqian Liu is a fitting example. She uses the camera not to draw attention to herself, but to present conceptual situations that explore “the balanced state of peaceful coexistence between humans and nature.”

If you’re into pet photography, you definitely need to check out the works of Australia-based Alex Cearns. As a photographer, her passion is to show the beauty of animals while also supporting animal rescue organizations on the side. Pet photography has become more than just a job or business for her, but a way to enrich her creative life by capturing the fun and quirky personalities of her animal subjects.

Want more inspiring photography from awesome female photographers? Of course, you can always check out the impressive photography and wonderful insights of our very own authors and editors here on Photofocus! Or, you can also browse through the “On Photography” series for other features on exemplary female photographers like Lynn Goldsmith, Aline Smithson and Brooke Shaden.

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