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Photo “Cowboys” in the Early 90s


by Skip CohenA new aspect of Throwback Thursday is when you’ve been doing them long enough that previous throwback posts become new ones! I know I shared this at least five years ago, but when I ran across this group shot of the Hasselblad sales force with some of the management team at the time, it struck me how short life really is. The industry has lost at least six people in the group shot above.

Old photographs add a touch of immortality to those people we’ve lost. They bring back the stories about them, their personality, and so many traits.

Some memories are too good not to go back to more than once! But, I also forgot about the shot of “Two-Gun Tony Corbell,” and I, as a wrangler, walked us into position for a photo opportunity.

We were doing a Hasselblad sales meeting at the Westward Look Hotel in Tucson. The year is sometime early 90’s. I wanted an authentic-looking period shot of the old west with all of us. I’m laughing about how seriously I took the group portrait. I remember being upset because you could see Mike Bowen’s Nikes, but I never thought twice about my Porsche Carrera sunglasses! 

There’s also a fun sidebar. This was the Hasselblad team, but the photographer we hired captured the image with his Bronica gear. Plus, forty years later, at a high school reunion, I found out I went to high school with him! He just didn’t connect it then, which goes back to three years in high school where I was “Steve.” (I got tired of all the Skippy Peanut Butter jokes, but down deep, I’ve never been a Steve.) He didn’t know he knew “Skip.”

Well, it’s Throwback Thursday, and you need to have fun with the opportunity to dig out and share a few old images. And, if you don’t share them on your blog to remind clients how fast their kids are growing, at least find a few for your own enjoyment.

​Happy Throwback Thursday!

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