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Pentax D FA 21mmF2.4ED Limited DC WR Silver Ultra-Wide-Angle Single Focus Lens [for use with Full Frame DSLR ] Limited Lens, machined Aluminum Lens Barrel, (28050)

Price: $1,396.95
(as of Feb 15,2023 05:40:13 UTC – Details)

“<Main features of HD PENTAX- FA Limited > 1.HD coating for upgraded imaging performance. This lens features Pentax-original HD coating.* Compared with conventional multi-layer coatings, this high-grade, multi-layer coating assures higher light transmittance woth minimal reflectance , while effectively minimizing flare and ghost images even in demanding lighting condition such as backlighting. this coating further upgrades the imaging power of this limited-series lens for multi-improved sharpness. *HD stands for High definition. 2.Eight-blade circular diaphragm for beautiful light beam and bokeh effect This lens incorporates a newly designed diaphragm unit with a circular diaphragm which produce a beaytiful bokeh effect at open and larger apetures. 3.A top-grade lens with optimised image rendition and fine texture True to the design concept of the limited series, this lens was developed with the goal of providing a distinctive visual expression. This could be achieved only by conducting a series of image quality assessments using a great number of captured images, along with various numerical evaluations using measuring instruments. To make the exterior design more attractive, the lens barrel , hood and cap have been meticulously machined to perfection. The lens itself is finished with the utmost attention to texture, including Shippoyaki-finished mount pointer to enhance the ease of lens mounting. 4.Others ①SP (Super Protect) Coating to keep the lens front surface free of dust or stains ②Serial number assigned to each lens (from 0000001 for the black model; from 1000001 for the silver model ③With aperture ring, each functiion of K mount film SLR camera can be used. “
[In-body shake reduction / SRII] The Pentax digital single-lens camera K series is equipped with in-body shake reduction / SR II. Shake reduction is compatible with all mountable lenses. It is possible to reduce the size and weight of the lens.
[Image quality of D FA 21mm F2.4 Limited] When shooting a distant view such as a landscape, a lens realizes sharp and clear depiction across the image field and can express details up to the tips of leaves and branches and the moist air of the morning mist.
[Three policies of Limited Lens] “Essence” Enjoying the act of picture-taking itself ” Sensitivity ” Depicting an ambience undetectable by simple numerical values “Universariyty” Providing a lens over many years.
[High-definition depiction] A glass-molded aspherical lens with a large apeture of F1.8 and a high-refractive index low-dispersion lens are luxuriously adopted
[DC motor installed] Quiet and smooth autofocus drive is realized by the in-lens motor drive AF.
[HD coating] high-performance multi-coating “HD coating” minimizes the occurrence of ghosts and flares effectively under severe shooting conditions such as backlight
[SP (Super Protect) coating] Pentax’s original special coating that provides superior performace in repelling water and oil is used on the front surface of the lens. This coating not only prevents adhesion of dust, water drops, oils, and other substances, but it also makes it easy to wipe off objects that adhere to the lens.