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Peak Design Micro Clutch

While the overall construction feels sturdy and durable, some aspects could be improved. Attaching the hand strap to the camera can be fiddly, especially when securing the L-plate. It requires careful alignment and tightening to ensure a secure fit. The hidden tool is a clever innovation, although it is in it’s own right also a little fiddly.

One limitation of the Micro Clutch is the lack of direct access to the battery port. To change the battery, you need to loosen and rotate the base plate, which can be time-consuming. It would have been more convenient to have a design that allowed easy access to the battery compartment without additional steps.

Another aspect that could be improved is the compatibility with Arca Swiss tripods. While the Micro Clutch offers an Arca Swiss plate that attaches to the bottom of the I or L-Plate, this adds to the complexity and fiddliness required before tripod mounting. Having direct compatibility with Arca Swiss systems would have been more convenient.

Peak Design Micro Clutch

The Micro Clutch performs decently in terms of comfort, but there is room for improvement. When used with the Sony A7 III, it doesn’t provide the most comfortable grip if you follow the recommended two-finger setup, at least on the A7 III. However, wearing it slightly looser and adjusting it does provide a considerably better fit.

In use and once tuned to your liking, the Micro Clutch does come into its own. Despite the small issues, the benefit of that secure strap around your fingers gives a sense of reassurance. The design also offers comfort and ease of use; essentially, it provides everything on the usability side, at least once fixed in place.

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