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ORDRO 4K Video Camcorder AC5 1080P 60FPS 3.1” IPS Touch Screen WiFi Vlogging Video Camera, YouTube Video Streaming Camera with 12X Optical Zoom, Microphone, Wide Angle Lens, 64G SD Card, Batteries

Price: $399.99
(as of Apr 09,2023 07:38:11 UTC – Details)

Product Description

4K live streaming camera4K live streaming camera

If you’re looking for the 4K camera to record YouTube videos, this 4K camera with optical zoom, and has everything you need to start shooting with is the perfect choice.

The combination of a high-sensitivity CMOS sensor and a precise image processor: process details and colors more delicately, and reproduce the captured scenes with more natural and clear colors. Effectively handle complex light environments and reduce image noise. The camera has superb clarity in a well-lit environment.

12X Optical Zoom: It incorporates advanced elements and coatings that help reduce glare, other distracting effects to deliver crisp images while minimizing distortion. You can zoom in and out the image without sacrificing pixels, increase the applicability of shooting video for both micro-movies and creative videos.

3.1-inch IPS HD touch screen: providing 71% NTSC wide color gamut, 1.152 million dots, 384,000 pixels, and a resolution of 800×480. It has better image and video display performance than normal screen, easier to operate and set up.

Meet the rich accessories for starting photography: The external microphone can effectively eliminate noise, improve stability of audio and receive clear. It is very useful in course record, speech and conference. Two-in-one wide-angle (macro) lens, more flexible to adjust the shooting angle, close-up shots or record more landscapes and people. Fill light can adjust brightness and color temperature to help you take better pictures. The foldable Handheld stand improves shooting stability and is designed with 1/4 inch screws at the bottom to support a standard tripod. ORDRO specially designed a multifunctional suitcase bag that can store the camera and all accessories perfectly.

It’s a great choice for video blogs and YouTube videos. As a live video camera, you can connect your computer with a custom 2.0 USB live cable to broadcast live on your social media.


optical zoomoptical zoom

AF trackingAF tracking

Focus tracking helps you focus on your subject. When it is difficult to focus or the object moves too fast, you need to autofocus in advance, just select the “AF-L” function in the focus mode in the settings to lock the focus range.

Tip: With this feature selected, the lens will lock onto the subject you are focusing on, so if you move the lens elsewhere the camera will not focus. To unlock the AF-L state, you can click Settings to find the focus mode, turn off AF-L, and then refocus.


Wide Angle Lens

0.39X wide-angle (macro) lens: The large diameter of 72MM ensures a lot of light during video shooting. With the camera, you can easily capture a small depth of field to achieve a more realistic image effect. The wide-angle lens function needs to be used with a macro lens.


CM550 Microphone

Cardioid directional pickup, one-key noise reduction in low-cut mode, and windproof sponge make the audio output purer. 0dB & 10dB for distance adjustment, for sound can be fast and clear collection.

fill lightfill light

SL-30 Fill Light

SL-30 fill light uses 96 high-brightness lamp beads, 2700K-6500K color temperature adjustable, 10%-100% brightness adjustment, color rendering index ≥95, can be easily adjusted to the most suitable brightness, to help you show a perfect the status is in a live streaming or conference

handheld standhandheld stand

Handheld Stabilizer

The foldable handheld stand adopts a U-shaped design, which is very suitable for making mobile low-angle videos and images. The bottom 1/4 screw hole design supports the standard tripod to shoot more stable and clear images.


Wide Angle Lens


CM550 Microphone

fill lightfill light

SL-30 Fill Light

handheld standhandheld stand

Handheld Stabilizer




Webcam & HDMI Output

After selecting “PC Camera”, open the corresponding video device software to video chat, conference or live broadcast. The video recorded by the camera can also be played back through the attached HDMI cable connected to the TV, sharing good memories with family and friends

WiFi Function

By turning on the WiFi function in the camera and phone settings, following the instructions, and connecting the camera in the “D Video” APP, you can easily transfer/download pictures and videos directly to your phone. This allows you to choose to edit, share, or perform any operation on the video or picture in your phone.

Pause Function

Ordro 4K camera supports the pause recording function. When you want to pause the video, but the video has not been recorded, you only need to press the pause function to stop the recording, click the button to continue the video recording.Your video file will not be split, convenient for later editing.


Warm Tips:

1. When using the camera for the first time, please format the SD card on the camera. Please use a C10 or above SD card with a size of 128G or less.

2. Please make sure the focus distance is more than 1.5 meters. If you need a close-up lens (within 10 cm), please use a macro lens. Please note that this optical camera is a fixed focus lens.

3. The remote control signal is sent from the front of the lens. Please remove the wide-angle lens when using the remote control, otherwise it will block the remote control signal.

4. The external microphone needs to be connected to the camera’s USB port using the provided 2-in-1 adapter.

5. The recorded video shows better sound quality and picture quality on TV or computer.(HDMI cable outputs Full HD effect. For 4k effect, please store the videos in SD card and install it to card reader, then insert to 4K TV to play 4K videos)

6. This ORDRO 4K camcorder is designed for amateurs, not for professional. You must shoot in a light-filled environment, it is perfect for outdoor shooting.

【5MP CMOS Sensor】This 4K camcorder uses a 5MP Sony high-sensitivity CMOS sensor to precisely process high-resolution photos and 4K motion video, providing clear and detailed color picture quality, making this camcorder bring more possibilities for creation.
【Built-in WiFi & Webcam】Please download “D Video” first and connect the camera’s WiFi; inside the app you can take/edit photos and videos, or transfer and share what you have taken to social media. When the AC5 4k camera is used as a webcam, you can use our included USB cable to broadcast live on Facebook, Skype, YouTube and other social media. This is a great camcorder for recording everyday moments or creating your own unique video.
【Multifunctional Video Camcorder 4K】Featured with AF-L function, anti-shake function, pause function, continuous shooting, time-lapse, recording while charging, self-timer, HDMI/USB output, built-in fill light and microphone interface, support external various accessories. This camcorder can be used during travel or any event.
【Video Camera with Microphone & Wide Angle Lens & Fill Light】External super cardioid directional microphone can effectively reduce noise during recording and improve the stability and clarity of audio. The two-in-one 0.39X (with macro) wide-angle lens with a large diameter of 72MM can capture a wider field of view, and the macro lens can be used for close-up observation. Dual color temperature adjustment of the fill light can adapt to the lighting requirements of different scenes.
【Selfie Blog & Livestream Camera】This camera is equipped with a 3.1-inch touch screen that can be rotated 270°. The large HD screen allows you to see what you have recorded in the recording of your personal blog and easier to control the home page navigation. Use the USB live special cable to connect the camera to your computer, you will get a clearer and smoother live studio, no complicated equipment and operation can be live indoor camcorder.