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Lizzy Gadd – An Annual Event That Just Keeps Getting Better!

by Skip Cohen

Ever had a friend who you haven’t known for very long, but it seems like they’ve always been in your life?

Meet Lizzy Gadd – an accomplished artist who simply doesn’t slow down on her passion for the craft. I met Lizzy through Platypod. Two years ago, when she did her first gallery sale, Sheila and I fell in love with her work and bought a print, which hangs in our dining room today.

She and Kris Andres joined “Dr. T” the founder of Platypod, when the company launched its Kickstarter campaign for the new eXtreme, on The Grid last year. Even better, we talked them into spending a couple of days with us before and after the launch. We all live such busy lives, and it’s rare to get quality time to get to know each other.

On March 16, Lizzy will launch her annual gallery sale, which just keeps getting better. The statement on Lizzy’s site, About the Limited Edition Collection, which is eighteen images taken over the last year says it all:

I am beyond excited to release these top favourite images as my most limited edition prints yet. The new print series includes several adventurous, fairytale-like and surreal self portraits that portray a sense of connection to nature and courage in the wild unknown.

This year, I am also including a wildlife collection of images for the pure animal/nature lovers out there! My hope is that these works of art can make a powerful statement in your home, bringing elements of awe, courage, peace and beauty to your daily life – all feelings I felt while creating these images.

CIRCLE THE DATE: March 16 at 6:00 AM PST – for Lizzy’s 48-hour 50% off sale. And as stunning as her work is, nothing matches her passion for the craft. Plus, 10% of all proceeds go back to protecting wildlife and nature where she regularly shoots.

Lizzy needs to be on your radar – – She’s giving away a free Large 36″ x 24″ print from the new collection. She’ll be drawing the print winning name at random from the list of people who enter/sign up for her newsletter here: Print Giveaway / Print Launch Sign-Up List

And whether you’re interested in acquiring a Lizzy Gadd print or not, check out her catalog – from the text to the layouts to the images she’s chosen – Lizzy never does anything halfway!

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