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Lexar Professional CFexpress Type B Card DIAMOND Series 128GB

With 128GB, 256GB, or 512GB of storage options, these cards are well-suited to high-resolution, high-speed applications. The key selling point is their performance speed, up to 1900MB/s read and 1700MB/s write speeds per Lexar’s specifications.

In actual testing, the card exhibited a read speed of 780MB/s and a write speed of 747MB/s. While lower than the quoted maximums, these speeds were consistent and reliable, which is of utmost importance to professionals who need dependable performance. The reduction in speed is also due to the port performance of the MacBook Pro M1, so this speed while not matching the speeds quoted by Lexar is still impressive and does give a good indication of the card’s performance. The card’s performance was notably impressive when used in a Canon EOS R5, easily handling all internal quality settings.

through the test there were no issues with the card, and it was used over the period of a month as one of the main cards within the Canon oEOS R5 C. While the performance was unquestionably excellent the 128GB capacity was a little restrictive for video and is far better suited to the high performance demands of the R5’s still image capture.

However, its high performance comes with a matching price tag, making it more suitable for professionals than casual users.

Out ofthe camera and tested with the Blackmagic Disk Speed test and one of the standout features of the card is the sustained transfer rates over an extended period. This consistent performance translates to professionals who will need to trust their card will keep up with the action and provide the necessary storage without fail.

The Lexar Professional CFexpress Type B Card DIAMOND Series offers professional-grade performance and reliability, making it a worthwhile investment if you require high-speed, high-capacity storage. Essentially this is the choice if you’re shooting video, however, if you just shoot stills or lower resolution video, or even shorter clips then you can save yourself money and go for the excellent Gold Series.

Lexar Professional CFexpress Type B Card DIAMOND Series 128GB

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