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“Last Call” for Graduates

by Skip Cohen

This is a very short post, with a brief infomercial twist, but it’s so necessary and represents one of the best segments for seasonality this time of year.

It’s graduation time, and over the next few weeks, from high schools to colleges around the country, proud seniors and their families and friends will be celebrating. But there’s another aspect to this that I find so remarkable.

Think about all these kids and what they’ve experienced since starting high school or college. For most of them, the pandemic hit just after their freshman year. So, one year under their belts and the world changed. Colleges shut down, high schools closed, and nobody knew what to expect for months. And as things changed with the pandemic, education morphed into online only to hybrid to finally back to the classroom.

The rest of the world changed too. From politics to a recession to increased unemployment – these kids seemed to be living in a world of perpetual changes. The “norm” evaporated and was being redefined almost daily.

That makes this upcoming graduation season even more unique, special, and memorable. If I were a parent of a kid graduating this year, I’d want to shout it from the rooftop! And that’s where your skills as an event photographer and portrait artist are about to be in demand.

Whatever services you’re providing, don’t forget about grad cards. I love the idea because it’s a way for graduates and their families to share the pride of an accomplishment that’s more than just about education, but about perseverance. 

Marathon has their BOGO offer going on right now with a buy one; get the second one at half off. That gives you an increase in margin and profitability.

I’ve written this so many times…There’s a greater sense of family in this country than ever before. You’re the “magicians.”  You capture intangible memories and turn them into tangible photographs that can be held forever.  There’s so much potential for new business this graduation season.

The clock is ticking, and we’re getting down to the wire, but there’s still time for you to capitalize on potential business. And remember, the relationship you build with a graduate today might just be a client in the future as they start their own families and businesses.

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