Jemma Wild puts the Leica SL2-S to the test.

It’s got a body built with confidence.

You know that moment when a really, really good looking person walks into a room? Heads turn, conversation sparks and you’re immediately drawn to them. Well, this is the Leica. Travelling through and photographing the most picturesque parts of Namibia, I met a lot of camera fundis. When I introduced them to the Leica their eyes widened, their voices became a bit more high pitched and you could tell, under-collar, they were getting a bit flustered. Its true-to-Leica body is retro-old-school and big. So much bigger than what you believe to be a mirrorless, and it demands attention.

The body is made from solid metal and is said to be one of the toughest and most rugged cameras on the market. You’ll find finely-textured leather cladding which adds to its comfortable grip and neat, professional look. Its IP54 certification ensures protection against moisture and dust, which when travelling in Africa, allows the camera to survive in most environments.

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