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iPhone 14 Pro Camera Preview: The Hardware Changes via Halide

I was thrilled to review iPhone App developer Sebastiaan de With of Halide App’s camera preview on the brand new Apple iPhone 14 Pro camera. 

iPhone 14 Pro

The Wide camera sees the greatest changes“, he reports. “The lens gets a bit wider, a 2mm focal length difference. The aperture is smaller (‘slower’), means the lens collects less light. This was probably necessary to work with a larger sensor. We calculate that the Wide camera is able to collect 20% more light compared to last year’s camera, even with this slightly worse aperture, thanks to its larger size.

We’re astonished by the improvement in the camera sensor’s ISO range. It goes far beyond previous iPhone cameras. Given high ISO values are accompanied by more noise, it’s highly likely this ISO range is made possible by how its higher resolution sensor combines 4 pixels into one, vastly reducing noise“. To read this preview in full, please head over to their website here.

iPhone 14 pro

Apple made a big change to the front of the iPhone this year. The Dynamic Island features the TrueDepth hardware we’ve come to love; a host of IR projector/sensor hardware to enable Face ID and a regular old front-facing (or ‘selfie’) camera. Despite being shrunk into a little isle, the front-facing camera got an upgrade.

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