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Glide Gear TMP 750 17″ Professional Video Camera Tablet Teleprompter 70/30 Beam Splitting Glass with Hard Protective Carry Case

Price: $348.99
(as of May 04,2023 14:38:11 UTC – Details)

Product Description

Glide GearGlide Gear

Glide Gear for Video & Audio Pros

Glide Gear makes quality, affordable gear for video & audio pros of all levels. We’re a small US-based company that’s been in the business of filming and equipment setup & handling for years. We design our products to get the job done, to hold up to multiple set-ups & tear-downs, and to be rock solid so you can focus on more important things when you’re on a shoot.

Glide Gear’s Heavy Duty Pro Model Teleprompter

Glide Gear TMP 750 TeleprompterGlide Gear TMP 750 Teleprompter

With Glide Gear’s 17” Professional Video Camera/Tablet Teleprompter, you can easily say exactly what you mean while looking directly into the camera. Works with any size DSLR or video camera mounted on 15mm rails. Utilizing a reverse text/scripting teleprompter app on your tablet device (up to & including 12.9” models), you control the scrolling speed and font size to make your speaker as comfortable as possible.

Glide GearGlide Gear

Maximum Utility & Flexibility

You can designate an old tablet as you teleprompter device, or use whatever smartphone or tablet you have handy. With our Glide Gear Pro TMP 750 you can even adjust the viewing angle to work around difficult outdoor lighting situations

glide gearglide gear

glide gearglide gear

glide gear teleprompterglide gear teleprompter

Adjust Speaker Distance to Fit the Shoot You’re On

Distances of up to 15 feet are possible to minimize the distraction of visible eye movement on camera. With several 1/4”-20 mounting holes, you can mount everything you need. Take your virtual lessons, sermons, & corporate functions to the next level with the full-featured TMP 750.

Never Forget Your Lines Again

Glide Gear equipment always has the needs of the videographer in mind, and the TMP 750 takes this to new highs. Easily adjust the height of your camera, allowing you to frame the shot exactly the way you need to, quickly. The 15mm rails accommodate a wide variety of camera & lens combinations, too.

Lightweight Yet Durable All-Metal Construction

Easily mount your camera to the chassis of the TMP 750, and anything else you need to use, like lights or friction arms, using the extra 1/4”-20 mounting holes. Glide Gear’s years of experience in the business ‘prompted’ us to make the gear we always wanted but couldn’t find, at a cost that wouldn’t limit the creative process.

Get Professional Video Every Time

glide gearglide gear

Glide Gear’s Professional Video Camera/Tablet Teleprompter is the rugged, compact, and easy-to-use solution to all your professional interviews & messages, whether you’re doing green-screen/chromakey shoots or on-location reporting. Trust Glide Gear’s entire lineup of equipment made for professionals of all abilities

Max Tablet Size
10.5″ x 8.5″ 10.5″ x 9.5″ 11.5″ x 9″ ANY

Carry Case
Soft Hard Hard Hard

15mm Rails Included

1/4″ and 3/8″ Mounting Options

70/30 Beam Split Glass

Reading Range
10 feet 10 feet 15 feet 20 feet

Up to 15 feet reading range, with adjustable angled glass position.
We recommend using the app: ‘Teleprompter Premium/Pro’ with your tablet or smartphone. Fits any smartphone and will accommodate any tablet and most laptops.
Adjustable height camera platform. Your camera will not photograph the text in the video.
Protective Hard Carry Case Included. 15mm rail compatible