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Fujifilm Fujinon XF 18-120mm F4 LM PZ WR

After mounting the Fujifilm XF 18-120mmF4 LM PZ WR briefly on the 26Mp Fujifilm X-H2S and then on the 40MP Fujifilm X-H2 for this review, I can verify that is fully compatible with the camera’s subject detection system.

The focus is also swift and the focus/zoom mechanism works well, although I mainly used it for zooming smoothly while shooting video while relying on the camera’s autofocus system to keep the subject sharp.

Fujifilm’s claim that focus breathing is kept under good control is also borne out, there’s just a hint of it at the longer end of the lens.

Testing the XF 18-120mmF4 LM PZ WR on the 40MP Fujifilm X-H2 means that it was subjected to the toughest test currently possible with a Fujiflm camera, and it wasn’t found wanting. There’s a high level of sharpness throughout the zoom range. As usual, best results are seen when the aperture is closed down by a stop or two, but I would happily shoot at f/4 with the lens at any focal length. I would aim to avoid the smallest aperture settings, however, as the softening impact of diffraction is clear at f/22.

If for some reason during processing your raw files you decide to turn off the corrections that are applied automatically, you’ll see quite significant barrel distortion in images captured at the wide-angle end of the lens, and pincushion distortion at the telephoto end. But with the corrections applied, straight lines look just right.

Chromatic aberration is also controlled very well and the petal-shaped lens hood does a good job of keeping flare at bay.

Generally, the out of focus areas look very good, but you may find some soap bubble bokeh if you scrutinise out of focus areas with tiny highlights. It can make the highlights look like small rings rather than uniform circles, but you have to hunt for it.

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