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DPReview March Madness, round one – vote!

The bracket is set, who will win?

Round one of DPReview March Madness kicks off today. We have 16 robust matchups lined up for you to vote on (click the image above to see it larger).

Which contentious contender will make it to the final four and ultimately be crowned the DPReview March Madness 2023 Champion?

It’s up to you to vote and decide.

Please note that for the best experience, we recommend voting on our desktop site.

Poll Rules:

This poll is meant to be a bit of fun. It’s not sponsored, promoted or paid for in any way and DPReview doesn’t care how you vote. Our readers’ polls are run on the basis of trust. As such, we ask that you only vote once, from a single account.

Round 1 – 16 Matches

Modeled after the US’s annual months-long single-game elimination college basketball tournament, we’re borrowing the idea of a tournament to take this opportunity for a good old-fashioned camera fight!

There’s some major match-ups this round.

Natural light against controlled light, Nikon’s Z 9 faces off against Canon EOS R3, Jordan and Gordon finally come to blows and have to settle once and for all who really is the camera expert.

Vote now and let’s settle these debate and more.

Ready, Set, Vote!

Round one voting ends March 8, 2023

Video Division

Round one voting ends March 8, 2023

Wild Card Division

Round one voting ends March 8, 2023

Reader’s Choice Division

Round one voting ends March 8, 2023

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