Tips and Tricks

Down to the Wire

by Skip Cohen

A comedian once said, “It’ll be my luck when my ship comes in; I’ll be at the airport!”

It’s a funny line, but sadly the way some of us feel at times. But it’s just a one-liner and doesn’t have to be your reality. We’re down to the wire with minimal time for you to remind your target audience that you’re in the business of capturing memories. And as sappy and overused as that expression is, you’ve still got time to put it to work before that last wire snaps!

  • What are you doing about holiday cards? Not just for clients but your own. Check out Marathon’s BOGO programwhich will help increase revenue on client cards, as well as save you money on your own.
  • Have you booked any “Day in the Life” sessions for this holiday season? Here’s one of my favorite products. You don’t need to spend an entire day, but how about 4 hours on location with a family, a child, or a pet? Think about the preparation that goes into Thanksgiving in so many families. One of the best album-building opportunities is to spend the day in a home as Mom, Dad, Grandma, and the kids get ready for Thanksgiving.
  • Pet photography is number three in the hierarchy of why people hire a professional photographer in the portrait social categories. It’s grown to be even more in the last few years – pets are part of the family. And I’ve shared this before – it’s a statement from Morgan Stanley on investing. But for you, it’s a forecast of where to place your bets on services for your clients:

The $100 billion pet industry is poised to nearly triple to $275 billion by 2030, creating potential tailwinds for pet-friendly stocks…The pandemic has upended the lives of humans, but for pets, it’s been a bonanza: Their owners have been home all day, showering them with attention and treats…Morgan Stanley’s housing strategists estimate that the growth trend of US pet ownership more than tripled during the pandemic. 

  • Have you called your lab? It’s a simple phone call with one question, “What’s new?” Technology never stands still. You need to know what’s new, but don’t forget what’s old. For example, canvas prints are old to us but not to many consumers.
  • Are you involved in your community? What’s going on around you over the next few weeks? Look for ways to be more active when it comes to giving back. Then use your presence on social media to promote the organizations you’re supporting. Be an ambassador!
  • Say thank you! Don’t forget to recognize those who have exceeded your expectations in support of you and your business. Take a look at your network. Whether it’s a fruit basket, a bottle of wine, or a flower arrangement, now’s the time to start planning a more formal thanks to that handful of people who have watched your back.

Here’s my point – that last wire hasn’t broken yet. There’s still time for you to keep building relationships with your clients. Just remember, this holiday season, there’s a renewed sense of family and the potential to make this a solid final stretch for holiday sales in 2022.

And if you’re stuck for ideas – you know where to find me.

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