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Candid Couples Photography

The art of candid couples photography requires more than just technical knowledge. It requires stepping outside of the box and getting creative – think about when you were a kid.

Albert Einstein once said, “To stimulate creativity, one must develop the childlike inclination for play.”

The process of getting back into childlike creativity might be frustrating, but eventually, it’ll get easier. Candid couples photography provides authentic and storytelling photos that tell a full story. It is becoming more popular as couples opt for more candid photos over cheesy posed ones. 

Want to know how to improve your candid couples photography? Keep reading and discover 5 wonderful tips for couples candid photography!

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#1 Get to Know Your Couple

One of the most important pieces in the process of photographing a wedding, elopement, or couples photos is getting to know your couple. The purpose of this is so you can photograph their story as authentically as possible.

For example, maybe one of your couples is more reserved and serious; you wouldn’t want to force them into poses that are completely outside of their comfort zone. If your couple is really outgoing and goofy you can direct them to do more energetic poses like picking each other up, dancing, etc. 

Quirks & Other Things

Send your couple a questionnaire to learn more about how they met, what they enjoy doing together, if they have any quirks as a couple and their favorite things about each other.

If you live nearby the couple, you could even meet up with them in person for drinks to get to know each other and discover even more about what their personality is like. You can also ask your couple what the most important parts of their wedding are. Some couples might have special moments during their wedding day like privately reading their vows, a private last dance, etc. This will allow you to tell their story authentically! 

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