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My second favorite lens to use on a fine jewelry set is my Canon RF 100mm macro lens. I like to pull this lens out almost every time because often clients might ask me to shoot a lot tighter and up close to the jewelry to catch details that the 85mm lens might not pick up. This lens has so many amazing features I discuss in my last blog post on macro photography so it’s safe to say it has become a favorite of mine especially as I grow my beauty book and begin to book more beauty jobs.

Lastly, if I have room in my bag and not packing light, I like to rent the Canon RF 24-70mm lens. While I shoot primarily with prime lenses, this lens is so versatile for different types of photography such as editorial, product photography, any campaign shoots that involve more than one subject. If I don’t want to keep switching back and forth, this will let me shoot a lot wider in small spaces and just a lovely all around lens.

For lighting, I like to travel with my pelican suitcase and inside it I carry two Nanlite FS-300 AC LED moonlights. I will always carry one light stand with me on an airplane but if I don’t have the option to use any c-stands or light stands from a studio, I will definitely rent a couple of Matthew C-Stands and a C-Stand rolling bag. I will always back up my work with a Lacie Rugged hard drive after a shoot.

What are your favorite type of equipment to bring with you on a shoot?

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