Tips and Tricks

Back in Focus

by Skip Cohen

​Remember, it’s Sunday, and “Reflections” always runs amuck from business and marketing topics. It’s my time to simply share what’s in my head, and it’s rarely about business.

My point this morning, though, is a combination of reports we had to write in elementary school each September about what we did on our summer vacation, and a tip to help you build a more substantial business. So let’s knock off my time off the grid first.

If you’ve followed me for even the shortest time, you know the pups, Lucy and Belle, are a big part of our lives. So we decided to do a dog vacation and headed off to Key West, a six-hour drive with all four of us. We had a small place rented and, for five days, wandered all over town, taking the “girls” everywhere with us.

To get around, we rented two trikes with baskets on the back for the pups and backpacks, etc. So, when we weren’t walking, we were riding, and Key West, with its incredibly narrow streets, was better for bikes than a car. No problem finding plenty of places for dining with two dogs, and when we’d go out for dinner, we’ve got a small blanket so they know exactly where to lay down and behave.

I wanted to play with my new iPhone 14 and, for the first time, never took any camera gear – just the phone and a Platypod Ultra with a ball head and a few accessories. I was surprised at how well it all worked. I also stayed entirely offline! No laptop, no checking messages – I was truly off the grid for the first time in my life.

And there’s my point – While I write a lot about taking time off and recognizing the signs of burnout, I’ve never been good at practicing what I preach. Most of you have already learned this lesson, but many of us are still a work in progress. NOTHING beats recharging your battery without interruptions! And NOTHING beats quality time with the people most important to you.

I’ve reminded photographers over the years that you can’t create images that tug at people’s heartstrings when your own heart isn’t in it. I’ve then always added the importance of staying tuned to your heart and stepping away from the business when needed. Well, it was my time to take a break, and now we’re building it into a more regular thing with a few more trips planned this year.

Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?

Wishing everybody a day off the grid! Take the time to unplug, whether you need it or not, and appreciate everything and everyone in your life responsible for your smile and, while it sounds pretty sappy, the joy in your heart.

Happy Sunday – or Monday on the other side of the world.

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