AppArt School – What are the best photo storage apps for backing up my photos?

There are several photo storage apps available for backing up your photos, each with its own features and benefits. Here are some of the best options:

  1.  Google Photos: This is a popular photo storage app that allows you to back up unlimited photos and videos for free, as long as you agree to have them compressed to a certain size. It also has a search function that can identify objects, people, and places in your photos.
  2. iCloud Photos: If you’re an Apple user, iCloud Photos is a great option. It automatically backs up your photos and videos to the cloud and syncs them across all your Apple devices. It also has a feature called “Optimize Storage” that can save space on your device by storing lower-resolution versions of your photos.
  3. Amazon Photos: This app offers unlimited photo storage for Prime members, as well as 5GB of video storage. It also has a Family Vault feature that allows you to share your photos with up to five other people.


4.  Dropbox: This cloud storage app is not specifically designed for photos, but it does offer automatic camera uploads and a feature called “Camera Uploads Bonus” that gives you extra storage space when you use it to back up your photos.

5.  Flickr: This photo sharing and storage app offers 1,000 GB of free storage space and allows you to upload high-quality, uncompressed photos. It also has a community aspect, where you can share your photos with others and get feedback on your work.