AppArt School – Top 10 iOS Slow Shutter Apps

An iOS slow shutter app is designed to simulate the effect of using a slow shutter speed on a traditional camera. Normally, when you take a photo with a fast shutter speed, it freezes the motion and captures a sharp image. However, when you use a slow shutter speed, it allows the camera’s sensor to capture light over a longer period, resulting in unique effects.

Here’s what an iOS slow shutter app typically offers:

  1. Long Exposure Photography: The app allows you to capture long exposure photos using your iPhone’s camera. This means you can capture scenes with moving subjects, such as flowing water, light trails, or night skies, and create stunning effects.
  2. Adjustable Shutter Speed: The app provides control over the shutter speed, allowing you to adjust the exposure time. You can select slower shutter speeds, ranging from a few seconds to several minutes, depending on the app’s capabilities.
  3. Motion Blur: By using slow shutter speeds, you can introduce motion blur into your photos. This is particularly useful for capturing the movement of objects, such as car lights at night or people walking.
  4. Light Painting: Slow shutter apps often include a light painting mode, which lets you create artistic images by capturing the trails of light created by moving light sources, such as flashlights or sparklers.
  5. Stabilization Techniques: Since slow shutter speeds are susceptible to camera shake, some apps offer stabilization features to minimize blur caused by unsteady hands. This may include image stabilization algorithms or guidance on using tripods or other stabilizing equipment.
  6. Additional Features: Depending on the app, you may find features like exposure compensation, self-timer, burst mode, and manual focus, allowing you to have more control over the image capture process.
  7. Overall, an iOS slow shutter app allows you to experiment with long exposure photography techniques on your iPhone, enabling you to create captivating images with unique visual effects.

Here are ten iOS apps known for their slow shutter photography capabilities:

  1. Slow Shutter Cam: This app offers a variety of features for long exposure photography, including light trails, motion blur, and low light shooting.
  2. ProCam 8: Along with manual controls, ProCam 8 provides a slow shutter mode that allows you to capture long exposure shots with your iPhone.
  3. NightCap Camera: Known for its low-light photography capabilities, NightCap Camera also includes a slow shutter mode for capturing long exposures.
  4. Camera+ 2: This camera app offers a slow shutter mode for capturing creative long exposure shots, such as light trails and motion blur.
  5. Cortex Camera: Cortex Camera specializes in low-light photography, but it also offers a slow shutter mode for capturing long exposures with your iOS device.
  6. AvgNite Cam: Specifically designed for night photography, AvgNite Cam includes a slow shutter feature for capturing long exposures in low-light conditions.
  7. Slow Shutter Insta Cam: With this app, you can experiment with slow shutter photography and capture long exposure shots directly from your iOS device.
  8. Hydra – Amazing Photography: Hydra combines multiple photos to create high-quality images, and it also includes a slow shutter mode for capturing long exposures.
  9. VividHDR: While primarily known for its HDR capabilities, VividHDR also includes a slow shutter mode for capturing long exposure shots.
  10. LongExpo: LongExpo is designed specifically for long exposure photography, providing intuitive controls for capturing light trails and motion blur. Remember to check the App Store for the latest updates, ratings, and reviews before making a final decision on which app to download.