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An Eight-Year Throwback & a Great Marketing Tool

by Skip Cohen

It’s Throwback Thursday, and while I shared this many years ago, the timing is perfect for including it in today’s post. But I’m not sharing it to show my images or video skills…

I’m sharing it to remind you of the power your own video will have on your website and social media. I’ve written extensively over the years about your “About” page. Well, take everything I’ve written and apply it to your own marketing video. Include your images, short video clips, and a narrative about your passion for your clients and the craft.

The video above was created for a Panasonic dealer meeting in 2015, at which I was the MC. It’s a collection of two years of images captured with various LUMIX cameras. While a lot of the creative was done by me, it was thanks to the team at Photodex that gave it the presentation quality it needed.

I used to joke with the Photodex team that I should be their spokesman with a tagline: “If Skip Cohen can use Photodex, anybody can!” I’m the low-tech poster child of this industry because my passion is on the marketing and business side. I know more than I let on, and could capture stunning portraits, but it would take me ten hours, while friends like Tony Corbell or Bobbi Lane would be done in ten minutes!

Here’s my point: Today, most of you have the skill set to put together videos for your clients and especially your own marketing. Yet the Internet is jam-packed with websites and “About” pages that would put a rock to sleep! 

​March is rapidly coming to a close, and around the corner, seasonality is about to explode. Take the time to put together your own marketing piece mixing still images, video, and great music. Make your message habit-forming and remind your clients why you’re their best choice for capturing their stories!

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