A Birding Safari with Jemma Wild

The perfect combo for a birder, in my opinion.

I for one think it’s vital as a photographer to have a kit that becomes a limb rather than an annoyance. Especially when you’re in this type of bush paradise and beauty is “flapping” at you left, right and centre. The combination of my Zeiss binoculars and the Sony Camera kit made it absolutely seamless to take it all in, without getting flustered over my kit. 

Both accessories made it easy to travel and navigate this wild region especially because of the durability and weight of both accessories, which as a woman is also an important aspect. Even the 100-400mm lens is made from magnesium alloy components which adds to its lightweight body for easier, more stable handheld shooting; when you’re cruising down the Zambezi rapids chasing a lifer, you’ll thank me.

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