9 Insta360 Tips and Tricks for X3, One X2, One RS, and One R – 360 Rumors

Do you want higher dynamic range?  How do you avoid overheating?  What’s the best tripod for your Insta360 camera?  How do you get better image quality?  Those are just some of the tips that are covered in this compilation of tips and tricks for Insta360 X3, One X2, One RS, and One R.

Tip 1: better dynamic range (works for One RS 1-inch 360 as well)
Tip 2: best tripod for Insta360 cameras.
Tip 3: how to avoid overheating
Tip 4: how to add a GPS overlay to your video
Tip 5: how to get better video quality
Tip 6: an essential tip for vlogging with Insta360
Tip 7: which photo mode should you use?
Tip 8: the “front” lens
Tip 9: simulating me mode plus bonus tip on using rule of thirds for Me Mode.

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