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5 Important Rules Every New Photographer Should Learn

Learning photography is a complex process that takes the confluence of a variety of skills and knowledge sets in order to find success. And while there is certainly a ton of specific information you will need to learn, if you follow the five simple rules contained in this helpful video tutorial, you will find yourself ahead of the curve in no time at all.

Coming to you from Roman Fox, this great video tutorial discusses five important rules that will improve your images. One that I think is particularly important when you are first starting out is to change perspective. Many new photographers tend to shoot from a normal standing position, and that is understandable; after all, we spend our entire lives viewing the world from that level. However, it is for that exact reason that you should change perspective. Simply shooting from a less common perspective will generate more visual interest because they will look more unusual to the viewer, and that includes you, which means you will start to unlock those creative juices as you try different angles. Check out the video above for the full rundown from Fox. 

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