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20+ Free Color Palette Tools for Bloggers and Designers — RB.


Color is an essential element of design, therefore also an essential element of your visual brand. Whether you are a graphic designer yourself, or you are paying a designer your brands visual identity; picking color palettes can be a complicated process. Thankfully, there are a variety of color palette tools, apps, and resources to help you with this process. Below I’ve created a list of free and powerful color palette  tools that will help you decide the best color scheme for your brand or design project.


Web Apps:

  1. Adobe Color

    Adobe Color, formerly known as Adobe Kuler, is a simple and powerful color palette generator offered by Adobe. You can use it freely without an Adobe account, however, the perks of using it with an account include creating and sharing color libraries that can be used directly within your Adobe projects.


    Coolors is a quick and easy color scheme and palette generator that can be used via web app, mobile app (IOS and Android), or a browser extension. It’s features include image to color palette generation, color palette adjustments, and color libraries that can be saved and and used in Adobe projects.

  3. Canva | Color Palette Generator

    Canva offers a simplistic color scheme generator that quickly translate upload images into palettes. If you have a Canva, the palette can be add directly to your workspace.

  4. Paletton

    Paletton is a robust web app that allows you to generate palettes from scratch or with its color randomizing tools. You can create a palette with Paletton’s monochromatic, complementary, triad, and tetrad color options.

  5. Palettr

    Palettr is an image to palette generator that creates schemes inspired from images found on 500px. It’s search bar allows you to discover images based on a theme or subject. Then after it generates a palette from the selected image, additional images are showcased as related image/palette inspiration.

  6. Color Supply

    Perfect for graphic designers and web designers, Color Supply is a free web app that generates gorgeous hex color palettes. Additionally it offers complimentary, analogous, triad, split complement color scheme options.

  7. Color Hexa

    Color Hexa is a free web app that allows you to type in any color information (HEX, RGB code, etc) and it will generate a palette from that information. It also includes color combo options such as complimentary, analogous, triadic, and more.

  8. COLORlovers

    COLORlovers is both a web app and online community where users can build and share beautiful color palette libraries. Additionally, it offers and advanced color palette tool called CORASO that features more options and control over developing your color palette.

  9. Palettable

    Palettable is a very simplistic web app that allows you to develop a palette based on a “like and dislike” system for each color that will eventually add up to your palette. While it’s minimal, its a really fun tool that’s worth playing with.

  10. Material Design Palette

    Material Design Palette is a very minimal yet powerful color palette generator that displays a page of multiple colors that you can select via check marks. After selecting two or more colors, a palette preview is immediately generated below. The palette can also be adjusted by checking and unchecking the colors above.


Mobile Apps:

  1. Color Harmony (Android)

    Color Harmony is one of the most popular color matcher and swatch generator in the Google Play Store.

  2. Palette – Extract Real/Live Colors (Android)

    Palette creates a color palettes by pulling the most prominent colors in photos upload by you or selected from that photo library curated from Unsplash.

  3. Material Color Palette and Color Picker (Android)

    Allows users to easily create and browse color palettes.

  4. Pipette – Color Picker (IOS)

    Pippette is an Android app that allows you to create a color palette from images by using their eyedropper tool.

  5. Pocket Palette (IOS)

    A very simple and minimal color picker and color palette tool for IOS.

  6. Color Snap Visualizer (Android + IOS)

    Color Snap Visualiser is an official IOS and Android app by Sherwin Williams. While primarily created for home design related purposes, it’s still a great app to generate color palettes from.

  7. Coolors (Android + IOS) – $1.99

    Although, this app isn’t free I thought I’d share it since I also listed the web app version earlier in the list.

  8. Palette Republic (IOS)

    Palette Republic is a modern and powerful IOS app that analyzes colors in photos to create a color schemes.


Color Palette Inspiration + Curation Websites


    Design Seeds features a curation of color schemes and color palettes inspired by photographs of nature, interiors, architecture, and more.

  2. LOL Colors

    LOL Colors by Web Design Rankings is a super cute curation of color palettes.


    Color Hunt is a minimalistic website that features a variety of color palettes ranked by likes.

  4. Color Me Curious

    Color Me Curious is a Tumblr blog featuring a curation of color palettes submitted by other Tumblr users.



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