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100 Photographers to Watch 2022

We are celebrating International Women’s Day with the release of our much anticipated list of 100 Photographers to Watch in 2022. Be inspired by these exceptional women and non-binary photographers from all over the world!

The most exceptional photographers in every
genre, all over the world, across the spectrum of
age, race, and culture are also WOMEN.

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Sandra has an amazing talent for capturing the essence of the individuals she photographs through her emotive environmental portraits.


Adama’s work has both a complexity in aesthetics as well as historical significance. Her use of layers is stunning and displays an amazing amount of depth.


Alla’s photography will take you on a journey around the world of incredible street photography – with emotive portraits, powerful black and whites and an amazing use of composition and light.


Alyssa tells powerful stories through her photography – she documents authentic moments through her reportage style photography and environmental portraiture.


Amina takes creative fine art portraiture to the next level! Her images are magical, whimsical and incorporate color in such a striking way.


Angela’s work as a portrait artist is full of shape and color. Her work has a sense of balance in her use of color and there is a crispness of her images that makes them feel both simple and complex.


Fine art portraiture for pets? Yes please! Anna uses stunning light and incorporates beautiful landscapes into her animal portraits. She has a skill for capturing the perfect moment and genuine interactions between the animals she photographs, telling wonderful stories which demonstrate their individual personalities.


Pauline’s work has an organic feel to a documentary style portrait. She uses light beautifully and allows a scene to feel natural and intriguing.


Aspen’s images have a joyful and vibrant connection that resonates with photographers in the best way. Her editorial photographs are powerful but not overwhelming. Each image tells an intricate and compelling story. They are robust, diverse, and creative.


Bex is a multi-talented artist. Whether capturing cocktails in the perfect light or swimmers in action her photos are a delight to view.


Cecelia’s work is pulled straight from a dream. She captures the most beautiful, serene expressions from her subjects and bathes them in fairytale light.


Chelsee is all about connection. Her images are filled with love and interaction. Her inspired approach to photography thrilled us through both color and black and white. The beauty and love captured in her images resonate in her creative and impeccable style.


Clancy’s photographs embody the whimsical joyful charm of the Australian bush. The color light and freedom within her work timelessly captures her subjects, telling their story with an open warmth.


Colie has a knack for honest and loving family photos and films, but her super power is helping photographers take control of their businesses and implement systems to make their lives easier. When she’s not working you’ll most likely find her at Disneyland living her best life.


Radhika’s use of color, light and composition is incredible. She captures moments in a way that you are instantly drawn in and feel like you’re there.


Diana’s portraits are a compilation of connection and beauty. She accentuates her subjects with lovely light and a graceful essence accompanies every capture.


Polly has an incredible way of capturing the everyday with an attention grabbing style. When viewing her work, you feel as if you’ve been granted a front row seat into her family.


Emily’s photography is a poignant blend of artistry and photojournalism. She uses her talents to spread awareness on humanitarian and environmental issues, telling each story in a masterful and understanding way.


Emily brings light, joy and color to her branding clients, helping them put their best face forward. Her clean and polished approach to photography lets her subjects shine.


Eva Nys is a talented young photographer who has a clear eye for celebrating the human form and specializes in celebrating dancers. She has exquisite timing for capturing ballerinas in mid flight


Lawyer, photographer and mother, F. Dilek Uyar utilizes these multiple facets to highlight social responsibility through her stunning award winning images.


Yum is the first thing you will say when you see Sriparna’s food photography. Her use of lighting and colors makes her images shine and the viewers drool. This is not your everyday food photography.


Sara does an incredible job photographing interior design. Each picture is one that is magazine worthy and leaves the viewer dreaming of having a room or house like the one she captures. How she includes her subjects in motion in some of her pictures is also a nice touch.


Love, joy, and authenticity are beautifully captured in Becca’s work!


Clara Segui’s images are bold and powerful. Her posing of her clients shows strength and beauty. Her magazine publications are impressive as well. Definitely a photographer to watch.


Sharons portraits capture our imagination through creating tangible narrative. Every detail of her work is refined, thoughtful and polished. Her recent series “The Creative Ambassadors,” empowers marginalized creative youth in New York City.


Ilona has a gift for capturing connection in her images. You can feel the love emanating from her family images. Her branding images are modern and fresh, and filled with personality.


Carolina uses shape, form, and space in a compelling way. She marries composition with a moment and her photography allows the viewer to spend an abundance of time in each frame


Ali uses light to create beauty in her daily life. Her work contains a richness both in content and aesthetics.


Ally uses perspective in a way to challenge the traditional portrait. They use color in a way that highlights form and perspective in a way that adds depth and dimension.


Amber specializes in boudoir and maternity photography. She uses light and shadows to create emotive portraits and captures women in the most beautiful and empowering way.


Amy uses documentary photography to tell raw and authentic stories and details of motherhood and family life. Her use of light and shadows in her photography is beautiful and compelling.


Anka’s creative environmental portraiture is striking through her use of light and color. Every image has connection, emotion or intrigue to capture and hold the viewer’s attention.


Love, connection and nostalgia fill the moments that Anna Craig captures. She sees the moments that need to be treasured.


Anyri’s fine art family and newborn portraiture would make any mother’s heart sing. She used color beautifully and seamlessly incorporates storytelling elements into every frame.


Jennifer is a creative and emotive artist. Each and every one of her portraits pulls the viewer into her subjects and their stories.


Brydie is a master of light and composition. Her photographs tell the stories of the familiar and emphasize the details to create narrative and intrigue.


Carolyn is an Asian-American photographer working professionally to show other immigrant and Asian-American kids that a career in the arts – a career that is emotionally, & spiritually & financially fulfilling is a possibility and something that can become a reality.


Chrissy is an incredible storyteller. She uses emotion, light, color, and movement to bring her subjects to life.


Cleo’s artwork shines with personality and edge. She uses light, color, posing and style to make her subjects pop, and each personality radiates through her frame.


Demi’s lifestyle and wedding photographs remind us of a soft breeze and a gentle kiss. Her images are calming and joyful. Demi’s consistent use of soft pastels complements her beautiful style. Her spirited personality resonates in her photographs. Demi’s dreamy images are a delight for the senses.


Dorese’s portraits are both striking and inspiring. From seniors, to couples, to weddings and beyond, she has a unique skill of capturing each subject with impeccable technique.


epli’s Home//Made documentary photo project celebrates and centers masculine of center, trans, and gender-nonconforming parents, creating honest and beautiful images of family. Her work feels intimate and raw in a way that we don’t typically see in family photography.

Eve’s photography is classic and timeless. Her photography shows so much connection and the love she emulates through her lens is powerful. She uses her environment well with her subjects. If you are looking for a wedding photographer, you should definitely book with her.


Fizzah does incredible work. You can see the confidence gained in each client’s portfolio. She brings out each client’s photographic potential in each session leaving women feeling empowered and beautiful.


Jillian’s portraits put the family dog in the spotlight. Her use of light and composition really bring out the personalities of her subjects, creating images that families will cherish for years.


Helen Orr is a photographer whose eye for a story with depth is apparent. From families in Bangladesh to tourism in Australia she utliizes her photojournalism talents to engage the viewer with the people and environment in front of her lens.


Colorful, joyous and fun describe both Zinah’s photography and her personality. Zinah’s bold use of color and her willingness to experiment helps create memorable photos that create a big impact.


Maryam’s images evoke a colorful blur of artistry, nostalgia, authentic love, and playful whimsy. You can’t help but smile when looking at her work. Her use of creative film techniques adds a dose of magic to her relaxed family portraiture.


Looking at Jaci’s work is like taking a look back in time. Her tones, creative and compositions along with how she captures movement give her images a vintage feel.


Jadie’s light and airy style of photography is a classic mix of timeless and lasting beauty. Her attention to detail is impeccable and it is apparent with every shoot, how important it is for Jadie to truly connect with and make her subject feel at ease.


Jessica Dewyngaert is a wildlife photographer with a true talent for capturing personality in the animals she photographs. She isolates beautifully so that the viewer is drawn right into an intimate moment one-on-one with the beautiful creature she has in front of her lens


Kaci’s portraiture uses bold colors, deep shadows and strong compositions to tell powerful stories of black women through environmental portraiture.


Katie photographs are filled with love and connection between the families that she captures. The smiles, closeness and the love between her subjects is a testament to her skill as a family photographer.


Sara’s images are emotive and show the beauty of everyday life. Her use of the light and elements around her subjects are well done. Her images have depth and are deeply meaningful. She is an artist to watch.


Linda’s work is MAGIC! Her use of light mixed with her exceptional skill at composition and understanding of the human form make for an unstoppable force!


Lena is the quintessential fine art photographer. Her use of light and shadow dusted with a tone of sensuality is feminine and compelling. Through her use of rich tones, her images evoke a classical old-world feeling in her portraiture and landscape images. Lena’s use of film to document her photographs and her arousing style enhances the perfect intrigue. We want to see more.


Luela’s work is timeless. Her use of movement and light creates dynamic images of motherhood. She manages to make every woman in front of her camera look and like a goddess.


Connection is what you see when you look at Madison’s photos. Connection between two people, connection with ones self and connection with life. Her tones and use of lighting highlight the connections you see even more.


Marcie is a powerhouse in the product photography world with an exceptional skill at lighting and editing skin that will have you scrolling her feed endlessly.


Her gorgeous tones, her use of light and the connection you see in every image that Maria takes keeps you engaged with every photo. You can certainly fee the love and joy the portraits she takes of her family.


Melissa captures such a refreshing mix of real moments, and beautiful, emotive portraits. Her images of childhood have a kind of sense of nostalgia and feel almost like a dream.


Not only is Paola (known as Monaris) a Lightroom and Sony ambassador, but she has also just published her debut book. She photographs scenes from the world around us with a cinematic quality that captivates the viewer.


Natalia uses the elements to create one of a kind portraits of her subjects. You can almost feel the water, the wind, and the sand as you view her stunning gallery. Emotion pours out of each image.


Mel’s family photography is all about human connection. Her images are beautiful. She weaves the delicate interactions of family life through her use of buttery, golden tones, and beautiful light. While each of her images are uniquely captured, there is a consistency in her portfolio which is true magic.


Pauline’s visual artistry stops the viewer in their tracks. Her images are powerful, provocative, and stunning. Pauline layers her work with intricate detail, color, and form to create something truly unique and magical.


Sandy’s impeccable color grading and lighting transports the viewer to a different time period. Her portraits are cinematic and dynamic in every way.


Sara Miller is a visual storyteller whose love of the outdoors shines through everything and everyone she photographs, even when indoors as she captures beautiful light creeping in.


Shannon’s editorial imagery is seamless and classic. Her use of light and posing draws the viewer in and leaves a lasting impression with the audience wanting more.


Danielle is a digital content creator who magically produces a world of whimsy from photographs. She cleverly makes you feel as if you’re in a childhood movie you never want to end.


Nadja’s storytelling style had us wanting to know more about the people in her life. She captures the beauty of everyday life through various images that portray changing perspectives, colors, and moods. Her use of shadows and light and her ability to capture small details enhance her documentary style.


Hannah’s photographs are light filled, sun kissed precious moments. Love, joy and connection abound capturing the moments that matter most.


Chelsea’s portraits of her family document their days with casual charm and refinement. The colors of each season are bathed in beautiful light illuminating her children telling the stories of their days.


Natalia Drepina is a self-taught photographer. Her style is characterized by the bleakness, fragility and minor mood of the past. Her work is a visual poetry about wounded souls who cherish the bizarre universe within themselves and who finding beauty in darkness, loneliness and death, the author and his characters exist on the verge of sleep and reality.


Jackie captures her subjects in a light and joyful way, while also grabbing the essence of the moment. Her use of gorgeous scenery adds to the moment beautifully.


Jenna is a lifestyle, travel, and interior photographer (with a side of fashion, food, beauty, product, and wellness). Her photographs are outrageously stunning and showcase the heights of lifestyle photography.


Lucile’s work will bring an instant smile to your face. With beauty and uniqueness, she captures dogs and their owners with a colorful edge.


Kade’s images are so moving. You can feel the love and connection in every image from couples to families to boudoirs. She captures wonderful details. Her work is inspiring and an added bonus is that she also offers mentorship’s and workshops. She is an amazing artist.


Courtney’s images feel effortless while holding a powerful and thought-provoking space in the photography world. Her work has a sense of nostalgia and simplicity that leave you wanting more.


Brittany uses stunning, rich tones and incredible light to capture treasured moments. From couples to newborns and beyond, her work is truly breathtaking.


Lucy creates unique and incredibly stunning portraits for each client. Each pose looks effortless and her use of color and light makes her images pop off the screen.


Lydia uses gorgeous tones and wonderful creativity in her work. You can feel the love and happniness of her clients come right through the screen. There is so much true joy in her images.


Antonina is an award-winning documentary photographer who captivates her viewers with compelling compositions and the raw emotions of her subjects. Her rich storytelling pulls the viewer further into each of her photographs.


Mari’s images just draw you in with their dreamy quality. Each image leaves you wanting more to find out the story of the people in front of her lens. Her creative focus, her tones and her lighting give her work a wonderful vintage feel.


Marion’s work feels luxurious and expensive with a minimalist’s approach to image-making. Her photography feels luxurious, showcasing both editorial and documentary approaches while still feeling cohesive as a whole.


As a documentary and fine art photographer, Mikaela uses her voice to explore the mysteries and tensions of life and childhood. Every image is as thought-provoking as it is beautiful.


NiahRose’s use of vibrant colors, stunning light, and flawless posing adds to the magic of her portraits. She knows how to make her subject stand out, and does it with a creative appeal.


Patty’s beautiful tones and creative use of light set her work apart. She captures the simplicity of moments with a perfect balance of laughter and love.


Peaches uses gorgeous tones and authentic moments to add life to her photos. There is a true connection in her images, whether between the viewer and subject, or the subjects themselves.


Sarali creates beautiful strong portraits with depth and connection. Her images of dancers are bold and expressive.


Shannon’s seemingly effortless editorial style weaves everyday life with soft and sometimes vibrant colors. Her lifestyle photography captures the very essence of childhood magic, adventure, shenanigans, and joy. She is the best kind of lifestyle photographer.


Sherry is a family photographer’s dream. She creates lifestyle images with color, connection, wit, and whimsy—the viewer delights in how Sherry incorporates everyday life in memorable moments in time.


Stacey tells beautiful stories through digitally manipulated photos. When you view her images they take you into a realistic version of a fantasy land and you get the feeling there are no limits to her imagination.


Intimacy, authenticity and connection are three words that aptly describe Tarynn’s work with families. Be sure to watch her videos to see the breathtaking way she views the world.


Skye’s work is a celebration of the pure joy of childhood. One can’t help but smile and reminisce while looking through her beautifully bright and colorful images.


Sound has been photographed. Skylar freezes the fleeting, the performance, the passion and the soul of the stage.


Lauren captures motherhood, and the distinctive connection between mother and child, with a dreamy elegance. She accentuates the beauty of nature, and captures images that are sure to be cherished.


Stunning portraits of timeless subjects are exquisitely refined and composed. Her subjects display a raw, confident beauty akin to classical art.


Vanessa’s powerful images capture her subject’s grit, soul, heartbreak, and pride. She tells her stories through her exceptional use of shadows and light. Her images have so much heart and depth that her subjects and their individual stories feel raw and vulnerable. Vanessa’s intuitive talent compels the viewer to learn more about the people she photographs.


Andrea Wright is a lifestyle and portrait photographer with a bold and sassy style. She captures images that speak of the vision of her clients.


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